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    1. Liquid Silicone Rubber Dosing System
      Liquid silicone rubber pumping machine is also called liquid silicone rubber pumping machine, liquid silicone feeding machine, liquid silicone supply machine.
    1. Two Color Liquid Injection Molding Machine
      Two kinds of LSR material with different color and hardness can be molded at the same time by the equipment, making this silicone molding machine suitable for the production.
    1. Injection Mould for Medical Silicone Products
      We offer all kinds of silicone laryngeal mask mould, silicone catheter mould, silicone capsule mould and other silicone mould for medical products (include different size and function).
    1. Injection Mould for Silicone Daily Supplies
      We offer all kinds of silicone mask mould and other silicone mould for daily use products. The daily supply silicone moulds feature multi-cavity, air injection, and can achieve fully automatic operation.

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