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Vertical Liquid Injection Molding Machine for LSR

Machinery for Silicone Molding, Industrial Seal Making Machine, Equipment for Rubber Forming, Silicone Label Producing Machinery

Our vertical liquid injection molding machine is designed to close the mold downward. It comes with single and double sliding board types. For machine with double sliding board, one upper mold and two lower molds are available for higher production efficiency. A slide-out structure is set for the sliding board for more convenient and safer production. Besides, the vertical mould opening and closing system makes this silicone molding machinery applicable in the production of LSR parts.

Main Features
1. Advanced sliding rail structure is set to reduce the oil pollution and make the machine works faster and steadier.
2. Active pin valve nozzle sealing system for more accurate rubber injection
3. Meet the requirements on multi-station production
4. High-performance servo motor system is adopted for more accurate and more energy-saving operation